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November's swap theme is.......Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery [Oct. 27th, 2006|05:06 am]
Gothic Gift Exchange


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November's Spooky Mail Theme is Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery . The idea is to make a swap package with a dark and gothic look everything is Mysterious and down right creepy!!!

Registration will be open from Tuesday, September 26th until Saturday, September 30th.

To participate in this swap, you must respond in the comments section below with both your mailing address and email. All comments will be screened so only the moderators can see your personal information.

Please include any restrictions (unable to ship to a foreign country), allergies, or other requests (example: no products made or tested on animals). For those members that can only ship domestically, you will be paired with a member that meets that criteria.

Registration closes: Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An e-mail will be sent to participants on the following day with their swap partners information.

The deadline to ship out your swap package is Saturday, November 25, 2006.

Remember to get a confirmation or tracking number for your package. Please post in the community when you have mailed your package. After you have received your package, make a post with a detailed description. Include photos if you are able. This is not a requirement as some members won't have access to digital cameras or scanners. If you are able to photograph your own swap, please do.

Members that ship late will be unable to sign-up for the following month's swap. If you are unable participate to in a swap that you have signed up for, please immediately notify the moderators.

Special Requests:
Able to ship internationally: