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Spooky Mail is a bi-monthly Gothic swapping community. Members who sign-up to participate in a swap will be randomly assigned swap partners by the moderator.

Announcement: Community is closed

Applying for Membership
Requests for membership are screened based on the age requirement (18 or older), having an active live journal account (3 months or older), and sharing some of spooky_mail's community interests.

Member Responsibilities
Do not sign-up for a swap you do not have the time or money to commit to. Post to the community when you have mailed your package. Include a delivery confirmation if you are shipping domestically. Post to the community when you have received your package. Include a detailed description of the package received (photos are not required). Not all members will have access to digital cameras or scanners. If you are able to photograph your own swap, please do so that you can share pictures of what you sent.

Spooky Mail Registration
The swap registration is announced one week after the mailing deadline. Sign-up is open for about two weeks (the 23rd until the 7th of the next month).

If you want to participate, you must post to the registration topic with your mailing address and e-mail address. E-mails with your partner's shipping information are sent after the registration's close. Participation is not a monthly requirement. You decide which month(s) you will sign-up for and participate.

Mailing Deadline

The mailing deadline is the 15th of the month following the end of the swap registration period. Members have about five weeks to ship their packages on time. A week's grace period is allowed for emergencies and unforeseen mishaps. Members that ship late are ineligible for participating in the following month's swap.


The next swap registration would be November 23rd - December 7th. The mailing deadline would be January 15th. The one week mailing grace would be January 15th - January 22nd. The next registration would be January 23rd - February 7th.

A package can be mailed no later than one week after the deadline. Members that do not ship by then will have their membership removed and a replacement package will be sent to their partner.

If you need to decline a swap you have signed up for, immediately notify me so that I can substitute someone else with your partner.

Package Guidelines

Swap packages should be approximately 20.00 USD in value (not including shipping). The packages can include handmade, purchased items, or a mixture of both.

Swap packages should be Gothic or spooky in nature fitting with the name of the community. A spooky mail swap package should be primarily gothic not a package with one or two gothic elements.

Each month, a theme will be announced for the monthly swap. The theme is open to interpretation to give creative freedom. If the theme was gothic dolls, you might have a painting of a gothic doll rather than an actual doll. While the theme is open to your creative imagination, the gothic or spooky element should always be strongly evident.

Replacement Packages
If you mail a package to your swap partner and they do not mail one to you within the allowed 6 weeks (5 weeks + 1 week grace), a replacement package will be sent to you. Any members that would like to help with replacements are welcome to contact me (radicaledwardo@yahoo.com).

Members must be 18 years of age or older.

Advertising is not allowed.

This community was inspired by full_moon_swaps

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